September 2016 Paper Pumpkin Spoiler Alert- Stampin’ Up! Something Good to Eat

Hi there!  Long time no see!  You may have noticed that I took several weeks away from posting.  I have had a lot going on with being back to work, taking fall classes, and being present in my health & fitness coaching position.  It has been difficult to balance those three things with home/family life which has led to a decrease in my crafting/blogging time.  I wanted to let you know that I’m still here though!

So today’s post is not so much of a “spoiler alert” since this is September’s Paper Pumpkin kit and it is now October!!  But if you have not yet seen it, this post is for you :)

This kit came with 16 tubes and lots of tags, in addition to the stamps, ink, accessories, and adhesive.  I have seen people fill them with candy, hot cocoa mix, bath salts, glitter, tiny bells, etc.  I only made up this one until I figure out the best way to use them to fit my needs for the upcoming holiday(s).


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