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Hi!  I hope you all had restful, restorative weekends!  Mine was quite full, but I was able to get a lot accomplished.  Could have used at least one more day though!

Ok, I’m doing something a little different today.  It was hard to get motivation this morning to create, as organizing my stamp room is at the bottom of the to-do list and things keep getting shoved in there.  The desk was HORRENDOUS.  For those of you who have been in my stamp room- you will not be surprised by the chaos.  For those of you who haven’t, please do not judge me!  This is not indicative of the way the rest of my house looks, or how I function outside of crafting!  Instead of creating today, I took just about 10 minutes to organize a portion of my desk.  It was the sanity saver I needed before doing anything else in that room!  The top pic is the before and the bottom is the after.  Now, if only I had time to do that throughout the room!


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