Video: Season to Season Wreath Project Kit by Stampin’ Up!

Hello.  It’s Thursday!  Even though I work on Fridays, Thursdays are like my Friday in that it’s the end of the student week.  I have play-based assessments tomorrow, along with home visits and planning/prepping for next week but it’s a different kind of work day than Mondays-Thursdays.  I have so much school work and college course work to complete and I am going out of town this weekend, so my time management skills are being tested more than ever.  But I just keep making my lists and taking it one thing at a time, cause that’s all I can do, right?!

Today, I want to share a video on a great project kit from Stampin’ Up!  It is a wreath with interchangeable banners, so it can be used for the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas seasons!  Take a look and tell me what you think.  If you are interested in ordering a Season to Season Wreath Project Kit, let me know!

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