NYC Summer 2015 Pocket Scrapbooking 9/11 Memorial & Coney Island Pages Using Stampin’ Up! Let’s Get Away Project Life Kit and Accessories

Hello.  What a beautiful morning here in C-bus!  It’s crisp and dry and the sun is shining!  Poor Hank had two walks before 9:00, one with Mike and one with me :)

So today’s share includes the pages of my NYC pocket scrapbooking album of our visit to the 9/11 Memorial, as well as the first page of Coney Island.  I felt like the trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting the memorial.  It is a beautiful tribute to all of the people involved in that horrific event.  I felt kind of disrespectful or even guilty putting pictures of Coney Island on the opposing page.  It was such a fantastic day to be on the beach though.

IMG_3972[1]IMG_3973[1]IMG_3974[1]Stampin’ Supplies:


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