Brutus Buckeye Ohio State Card for Beat *ichigan Week Using Stampin’ Up! Perfect Pennants & Pinwheel Party Stamp Sets

It’s rivalry week!!  While that team up north has not had a great season and does not appear to be the competition it has been at times in the past, it’s still fun to get in the spirit of rivalry week.  Ohio State fans in Columbus have some fun traditions for the week leading up to the OSU vs. *ichigan game.  There’s the jump in Mirror Lake (which is pretty cold at the end of November in Ohio), blood drives, competitions, and bets among mayors, and of course, the avoidance of using THAT LETTER.

I’m excited to see the last game of the regular season, though sad that Buckeye football will be over soon, until next year.

Go Bucks!!

Stampin’ Supplies:


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